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New Students

New to Belmont?

First, Welcome to your new campus home!

FOR IT SUPPORT CALL  - 615-460-6214 and leave a short message with your name and room number and description of the problem.  Someone from Network or Telecom Services will give you a call back to resolve the problem. Call for network, wireless or cable TV problems.

a.  Belmont provides 80 channels of cable TV for all students.

b.  Wireless is supplied  in all dorm style buildings and all across the campus....but please not bring wireless access points if you will be living in any of the dorms. not bring wireless printers as they are not supported and will not work in the dorms unless connected by usb with the wireless radio turned off.

There are Ethernet ports in all of the bedrooms so If you have an Ethernet cable send it with your son or daughter as a backup or alternative to the wireless system.

c.  Printing on campus starting this summer is available in the Library and Massey labs using PaperCut.  Every student can set up and add funds to their PaperCut account by going to

d.  We do not provide telephones to students but cellular service for your personal phone is available.

We encourage all students to communicate with their RAs or Resident Directors if there is a problem with Internet or Cable TV services.

*** If you have any further questions please contact Andrew Kee or Randy Capps at x6214*** 

  To get started go here to get a MyBelmont account.