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Network Password Policy

All campus computers who access the campus network must use a login password to protect their desktop computer.  The network login password must meet the following criteria.

1.      A minimum length of 15 or more characters.  Many password crackers do not attempt more than 14 characters because that is the limit for DOS and other legacy operating systems.

2.      A maximum age of 180 days.

3.      A minimum age of 2 days.

4.      A password history of at least 6.

5.     Do not reuse passwords from other software systems such as Banner or BIC

To meet the password requirements we recommend the use of passphrases instead of shorter but more complex passwords.  It is shown that length provides the greatest increase in password/passphrase strength.  An example of a passphrase could be any of the following:
go belmont bruins
go belmont bruins!
Go Belmont Bruins!

Any of these could be more easily remembered and is much stronger than a shorter but more complex password like “g0B31m0nt.”  Passphrases can include numbers, non-alphanumeric characters like punctuation, and spaces. 

If you forget your network login password you must call or visit Network Services and show your Belmont ID.

If you have any questions about the policy please contact Randall Reynolds or Randy Capps.