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Recommended Software

Supported Software

This page lists the software that ITS supports and recommends.

Why Choose Recommended Software?

ITS strongly urges all members of the Belmont community to use the "Recommended software" packages. The programs listed under"Other supported software," although supported by ITS, are not as secure or functional and ITS may discontinue support of some of these programs in the future. We are not able to help you configure or use software that is not on our recommended list, although you are permitted to use other programs not on this list.  ITS primarily recommends and support PC based desktops and PC based software.   MAC support is primarily through staff in each academic department .

Recommended and Supported Software List

Type of application Recommended software - PCs Recommended software - Mac Other supported Software Notes Supported By
Operating System Windows 7  OS X v.10.3 Windows 9X, NT, 2K not supported

XP or 7 only

User Services

Word Processing Word 2010 Word 2010     User Services
Spreadsheet Excel 2010 Excel 2010     User Services
Presentation PowerPoint 2010 PowerPoint 2010, Keynote     User Services
Database Access 2010 Access 2010 Access 2010   User Services
Anti-virus Symantec AntiVirus 10.x Corporate Edition Symantec AntiVirus 10.x Corporate Edition   User Services
Anti-SPAM Microsoft Defender Microsoft Defender   Network Services
Firewall Microsoft Firewall   User Services


Outlook Express 6


Outlook Express 6 

  All mail can be  web based through MyBelmont Network Services
Calendar / Scheduling

Exchange or Google


Exchange or Google Calendar    Web only version available  Network Services
Web Browser

Internet Explorer ver 8

 Firefox ,

IE, Firefox 1.5+,Sarfari, IE Internet Explorer 8 Banner users must use IE 8 SP2 User Services
HTML editor Dreamweaver Dreamweaver   Web Services
Document sharing Adobe Acrobat 7 Std. PDF Adobe Acrobat 7 Std.PDF   User Services
File transfer SSH Secure Shell or FTP Explorer     Network Services
Spyware Detection Microsoft Defender N/A Spybot S&D 1.4, Ad-aware SE   User Services
PDA Operating System Iphones Iphones IPhones   none
Statistics SAS SAS Faculty
Statistics SPSS SPSS Faculty