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Students Moving In RESNET is the name for all the technology services and support we provide to students as part of the housing program. As a new student at Belmont, you may have several questions:

  • Do I need my own computer? NO.. but 95% do
      •          MAC or PC? It's up to you. Both work well on campus.
  • Will I be able to use the internet from my room? YES, WIFI is available in all residence halls (one exception is Bruin Hills buildings)
  •          You can also plug in the old fashioned way and get even faster Internet Service
  • Should I bring a wireless printer?  NO   please connect directly to your laptop.  Also, setup your PaperCut account for printing in the library
  • Should I bring a TV? YES, but why would you with so much to do on campus.
  • Can I use my laptop or Ipad across campus? YES, in all academic and open areas, even the Quad!
  • What kind of virus protection do I need? this is a must, Purchase Norton or McAfee or use a free services like AVG.
RESNET features WIFI, Cable TV, , internet and intranet access from a personal computer or mobile device and more! If you need technology assistance talk to your RA or Resident Director.  If you have a problem with your equipment we recommend you call the manufacturer because its probably under warranty.  You can contact RESNET support services at x615 460-6214
Additional Technology Services

 RESNET isn't the only ITS service Belmont provides. We offer a full array of information and technology services to our on- and off-campus students. Amenities include access to computer labs across campus and personal technical assistance (when needed). The Bunch Library features wireless high speed internet access and printing services... and ask the check out desk for details about borrowing a laptop computer to go wireless in the library.

To find out about specific RESNET features and how you can take full advantage of them, check out the links in the list above. If you still need more information about Belmont's ITS department, feel free to contact us directly at 615-460-5471.