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Computer and Information security

Protecting your computer and personal data are more important then ever. Please place a PASSCODE LOCK on all of your MOBILE devices. That way if your Iphone or Ipad gets lost or stolen it ensures your data does not. Be sure to not leave your device alone in public places or exposed in the back seat of your car or on the bed in your residence hall.  If you have a passcode then your data is protected but the device may not be in those situations. Also, setup and use the many Cloud options today including ICloud and Dropbox to secure your data with a strong password.


A strong password includes at least 7 or 8 digits with a combination of letters (lower and upper) and numbers or special characters like the pound sign. Try using a pass phrase that you can remember and substitute numbers and special characters.  Also, be sure to change your passwords on a regular basis. 

There are FIVE primary data security concerns:

  • 1. Viruses-- keep up to date
  • 2. Upgrade  and patches  your system--- especially for PCs or Laptops
  • 3. Data protection and Theft- backup your data daily. Set your computer  to automatically create restore points. We encourage the use of Dropbox for students.
  • 4. Back up your data if it is important to you
  • 5. Never give anyone you do not trust your SSN, Driver's license, birth date or CC information  (block these in Facebook)

  • While we seldom have a problem with theft or data loss, it is important to develop some good computing and Internet habits. Just like a automobile insurance, you should be proactive to protect your computer and personal data.
  • Here are some steps you should follow:
  • 1. learn how to backup your files to CD or a USB jump-drive or online to the CLOUD
  • 2. Once you store your data, store it in a safe place (or use Dropbox or other secure site)
  • 3. If your data has your personal information such as SSN  or credit card info encrypt your data.

    Anything you do to protect your computer and personal information is better then nothing! So make a start today by backing up your data and installing virus protection.

Virus Protection:
We strongly recommend you purchase Norton or Symantec Virus Protection and keep it up-to-date. There are free virus protection programs you can purchase. Check out to install AVG on your windows machine.

Upgrades and Window Updates:
Please  turn on the automatic updates so that critical patches will be installed. This can be done by going to System under Control Panel. Select the tab, Automatic Updates, and check the first box at the top, and then the 3rd box at the bottom, so that the updates will be current.

Data Protection and Theft
You can protect your data by backup up to CD or USB drive on a frequent basis. In addition you must respect copyright laws and not share your computer on the network, which makes you vulnerable to viruses. We recommend you inscribe or mark your computer with your name. If you have a laptop you need to lock your room when you are away.