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Tegrity Lecture Capture

Tegrity is available for courses on campus for lecture capture.  Tegrity is accessed through Blackboard.    Tegrity is a software based solution where all you need is a laptop with a microphone or camera to record from anywhere.   Tegrity records your desktop along with sound and optionally video from a webcam.  The information is then recorded and displayed by the student at a later time.  Powerpoint presentations are recorded and indexed by Tegrity but anything that you do on the desktop can be recorded along with audio and an additional video signal.

To get started using TEGRITY lecture capture

1.  Send your course CRNs to

2. You need a microphone for recording voice.

3.  If you want to record a separate video purchase a webcam.  Many laptops and most MacBooks have these installed.

4. Take a training class or schedule an appointment with Randall Reynolds x5471 for assistance.

5. Tegrity can be used anywhere to record and viewed where you have an Internet connection.

6. Tegrity has many features including the ability for your students to record.

7. You can archive or take your presentation with you by downloading to DVD.

For additional online helpat Tegrity select the help button.  

Tegrity at has lots of good information to learn more about the use of Tegrity. 

How do I get started?

 The Tegrity record button will only appear in Blackboard on request by sending your course CRNs to  The first time you go to record you will be prompted to download the Tegrity software to your laptop.  From there you can start to record your desktop as long as you have a microphone to record your voice.   The Tegrity recordings will appear automatically for your students in Blackboard.  They select the Tegrity link and they will then see each class that has a recording.

Is there training available?

Yes, please contact Randall Reynolds (x5471) or by email for more information.    Training sessions will be offered on a monthly basis at the start of each term.

What will happen with all my old Mediasite files?

You can access your Mediasite recordings through May 2012.   After that time they will be no longer available.  

If you have any questions about lecture capture please contact a member of the support team.

Steve Bunner (x8101) or Randall Reynolds x5471,


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