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Campus Wireless Services (WIFI)

Belmont University offers wireless data services to most areas of the campus.  Wireless service is available in classrooms and in public areas. Access to the Internet using wireless is open to the Belmont community and guests while on campus.  Access is limited to basic internet and use of the internet falls under university policy for everyone.  Faculty and staff have wired access and should not rely on wireless services for Belmont work. Wifi Services for PDAs and other devices are not supported.

1. Campus

To access the campus wireless network simply scan for BELMONT and connect.  There is no login required for access. The Belmont wifi network is open to the Belmont community and guests .

2. Residential Network

Most of the residence halls offer wireless access in addition to wired data ports in the room for each student.  To access the wireless network from your laptop scan for RESNET.  Wireless service is not available in the apartments and students should use the wired data port for internet access in each bedroom.

Please do not bring personal wireless printers or access points.  They will not work!

help Report any area that does have wireless data service to Network Services (x5448)