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Language Learning Center

Location: Room 212, Wheeler Humanities Building

For SPRING 2014 hours and information about professional tutoring and conversation practice and walk-in tutoring CLICK HERE (pdf).

Belmont's Language Learning Center (LLC) has 21 computers that are used for class instruction and for language learning conducted outside of class. In class, the main computer that is connected to a multimedia projector, is used for specific language programs and CD-Roms, videos and DVD's to provide a visual and listening aid in order to engage the students in listening and speaking practice.

Also, students give multimedia presentations to their classes in foreign languages by using Powerpoint software on the main computer. Two satellite dishes provide international television programming in Italian, French, and Spanish. Programs may be viewed on the big screen or on the large television monitor. Most of the LLC Assistants are native speakers, available for conversation and to tutor students in German, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Outside of class time, students are using the computers in the LLC, the CD-Roms, and writing assistant software to practice grammar and vocabulary skills, explore cultural topics, and improve the accuracy of their writing assignments for language classes.

International newspapers, music, radio, maps, dictionaries, tourist Web pages, and other sites related to language and culture are available in the LLC through Internet connected computers.

Any questions???   Please call the LLC at 615-460-6859.