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Selective Acquisitions List

Selective Acquisitions List
June – 2018 



How to Draft Bills Clients Rush to Pay. Morgan, J. Harris. 2018. Chicago: American Bar Association. KF316 .M67 2018

Antitrust Law

DOJ Civil Antitrust Practice and Procedure Manual. American Bar Association. 2018. Chicago: ABA Section of Antitrust Law. KF1653 .D65 2018


The Bail Book: A Comprehensive Look at Bail in America's Criminal Justice System. Baughman, Shima Baradaran. 2018. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. KF9632 .B38 2018


The New Bankruptcy: Will It Work For You? O'Neill, Cara. 2018. Berkeley: Nolo. KF1524.85 .O64 2018

Child Labor

Child Labor in America: The Epic Legal Struggle to Protect Children. Fliter, John A. 2018. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas. KF3552 .F55 2018

Children, Legal Status    

Putting Children's Interests First In U.S. Family Law and Policy: With Power Comes Responsibility. Alvare, Helen. 2018. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. KF505.5 .A949 2018

Representing Children in Dependency and Family Court: Beyond the Law. Stahl, Rebecca M. 2018. Chicago: American Bar Association. KF3735 .S67 2018

Civil Rights

Selma and the Liuzzo Murder Trials: The First Modern Civil Rights Convictions. Turner, James P. 2018. Ann Arbor: University Of Michigan Press. KF224.K7 T87 2018

Communication Studies

Communication Law: Practical Applications in the Digital Age. Caristi, Dom. 2018. New York: Routledge. KF2750 .C368 2018

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Argument and Institutional Structure in the United States. Papaspyrou, Nicholas. 2018. Oxford: Hart. KF4552 .P37 2018 

Same-Sex Marriage and American Constitutionalism: A Study in Federalism, Separation of Powers, and Individual Rights. Dry, Murray. 2017. Philadelphia: Paul Dry Books. KF539 .D79 2017

The Heart of the Constitution: How the Bill of Rights Became the Bill of Rights. Magliocca, Gerard N. 2018. New York: Oxford University Press. KF4749 .M325 2018


Drafting Successful Access and Benefit-Sharing Contracts. Young, Tomme R. 2018. Leiden: Brill Nijhoff. K3488 .Y68 2018

Court Interpreters

The Bilingual Courtroom: Court Interpreters in the Judicial Process. Berk-Seligson, Susan. 2017. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. KF8725 .B47 2017

Criminal Law

Deadly Justice: A Statistical Portrait of the Death Penalty. Baumgartner, Frank R. 2018. New York: Oxford University Press. KF9227.C2 B39 2018


Cross-Examination in a Nutshell. Bodiford, Joseph C. 2018. St. Paul: West. Res KF8920 .B63 2018

Data Protection and Privacy

Data Protection And Privacy: (In)visibilities And Infrastructures. Computers, Privacy and Data Protection. Leenes, R., et al., editors. 2017. Cham: Springer. K3264.C65 C65 2017

Disability Insurance/Social Security

Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability: Getting and Keeping Your Benefits. Morton, David A. 2018. Berkeley, California: NOLO. HD7105.25.U6 M675 2018


The Law of Schools, Students, and Teachers in a Nutshell. Alexander, Kern. 2018. St. Paul: West. Res KF4119.85 .A42 2018

Freedom of Speech

The Illusion of the Free Press. Charney, John. 2018. Oxford: Hart Publishing. K3255 .C43 2018

Hate Speech/Hate Crimes

Incitement to Terrorism. Bayefsky, Anne F., and Laurie R. Blank, editors. 2018. Leiden: Brill Nijhoff. KZ7177.I53 I53 2018

Putting Faith in Hate: When Religion Is the Source or Target of Hate Speech. Moon, Richard. 2018. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. K5210 .M66 2018

Health Law

Cancer Rights Law: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Bryant, Monica Fawzy. 2018. Chicago: American Bar Association. KF3470.5 .B79 2018


Forced Out And Fenced In: Immigration Tales From The Field. Golash-Boza, Tanya Maria, editor. 2018. New York: Oxford University Press. JV6483 .F67 2018

Immigration and the Law: Race, Citizenship, and Social Control. Alvarez, Sofia Espinoza, and Martin Guevara Urbina, editors. 2018. Tucson: The University of Arizona Press. KF4819 .I47135 2018

Income Tax

The 1040 Handbook: A Guide to Income and Asset Discovery: Includes Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Zuckerman, Jack. 2018. Chicago: ABA Section of Family Law. KF6369 .A715 2018

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright in a Nutshell. Miller, Arthur R. 2018. St. Paul: West. Res KF2980 .M52 2018

Judges, Selection and Appointment

Regulating Judicial Elections: Assessing State Codes of Judicial Conduct. Peters, C. Scott. 2018. New York: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. KF8785 .P48 2018

Land Use, Rural

The Law of Agricultural Land Preservation in the United States. Daniels, Thomas L. 2018. Chicago: American Bar Association. KF1686 .D36 2018

Law Firms

The Lean Law Firm: Run Your Firm Like the World's Most Efficient and Profitable Businesses. Port, Larry. 2018. Chicago: ABA Law Practice Division. KF318 .P67 2018

Law and Religion

The Rhetoric of Religious Freedom in the United States. Miller, Eric C., editor. 2018. Lanham: Lexington Books. KF4783 .R44 2018

Law and International Religious Freedom: The Rise and Decline of the American Model. Annicchino, Pasquale. 2018. Abingdon: Routledge. KF4650.A3281998 A5613 2018

Religious Exemptions. Vallier, Kevin, and Michael Weber, editors. 2018. New York: Oxford University Press. K3258 .R453 2018

Legal History

A Tragic Fate: Law and Ethics in the Battle over Nazi-Looted Art. O'Donnell, Nicholas M. 2017. Chicago: American Bar Association. K5219 .O36 2017

Boundaries of the International: Law and Empire. Pitts, Jennifer. 2018. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. KZ1242 .P58 2018

Legal Research

International Legal Research in a Global Community. Kuehl, Heidi Frostestad. 2018. Durham: Carolina Academic Press. KZ1234 .K84 2018

Legal Writing (Composition)

Legal Writing Style. Gidi, Antonio. 2018. St. Paul: West. KF250 .W4 2018

Plain English for Lawyers. Wydick, Richard C. 2005. Durham: Carolina Academic Press. KF250 .W9 2005

Litigation/Trial Practice                 

Managing and Litigating the Complex Surety Case. Haley, Tracey Lee, and Christopher R. Ward, editors. 2018. Chicago: Tort and Insurance Practice Section American Bar Association. KF1228 .M36 2018

Objections at Trial. Bright, Myron H. 2018. Boulder: National Institute for Trial Advocacy. KF8935 .B75 2018


Crafting Effective Settlement Agreements: A Guidebook for Attorneys and Mediators. Ishikawa, Brendon. 2018. Chicago: American Bar Association. KF9084 .I85 2018

Natural Law

A Preserving Grace: Protestants, Catholics, and Natural Law. Cromartie, Michael. 1997. Washington, D.C.: WB Eerdmans Pub Co. K460 .P74 1997

American Democracy and Natural Law. Le Boutillier, Cornelia Geer. 1950. New York: Columbia University Press. JA84.U5 L35 1950

Natural Law: An Introduction and Re-Examination. Kainz, Howard P. 2004. Chicago: Open Court. BJ1012 .K264 2004

Natural Rights and the Right to Choose. Arkes, Hadley. 2002. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. KF384 .A89 2002

Philosophy, 18th Century

The Philosophy of the American Revolution. White, Morton. 1978. New York: Oxford University Press. B878 .W48 1978

Practice of Law

How to Build And Manage a Family Law Practice. Chinn, Mark A. 2018. Chicago: American Bar Association. KF300 .C455 2018

The American Legal Profession: The Myths and Realities of Practicing Law. Banks, Christopher P. 2018. Thousand Oaks: CQ Press. KF300 .B35 2018


Property and Human Flourishing. Alexander, Gregory S. 2018. New York: Oxford University Press. K721.5 .A94 2018

Public Housing/Housing Subsidies

Practitioner's Guide to Project-Based Vouchers: A Successor to the Beginner's Guide. Molseed, Sarah. 2018. Chicago: American Bar Association. KF5735 .M654 2018

Practitioner's Guide to Secondary Financing in FHA Programs. Soroka, Kathie, et al., editors. 2018. Chicago: American Bar Association. KF5735 .P65 2018

Space Law

Commercial Uses of Space and Space Tourism: Legal and Policy Aspects. 2017. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. KZD4050 .C66 2017

Outer Space Law: Legal Policy and Practice. Failat, Yanal Abul, and Anél Ferreira-Snyman, editors. 2017. Surrey: Globe Law and Business Ltd. KZD1145 .O96 2017

Supreme Court

Law and Legitimacy in the Supreme Court. Fallon, Richard H., Jr. 2018. Cambridge: Belknap Press.

KF8748 .F284 2018

Nino and Me: My Unusual Friendship with Justice Antonin Scalia. Garner, Bryan A. 2018. New York: Threshold Editions. KF8745.S33 G37 2018

Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived. Scalia, Antonin. 2017. New York: Crown Forum. KF213.S32 S32 2017

Wills, Trusts and Estates

A Lawyer's Guide to Estate Planning: Fundamentals for the Legal Practitioner. Hunt, L. Rush. 2018. Chicago: American Bar Association. KF750 .H86 2018