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Selective Acquisitions List

November – 2017

Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populists vs. the Establishment from Reagan to Trump. Ingraham, Laura. 2017. New York: St. Martin's Press. E 912 .I54 2017

Constitutionalism, Democracy, and Religious Freedom: To Be Fully Human. Napel, Hans-Martien ten. 2017. London: Routledge. K 3258 .N37 2017

Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics without God. Weigel, George. 2006. New York: Basic Books. BR 735 .W365 2006

Environmental Law Handbook: Bell, Christopher, et al. 2017. Lanham: Bernan Press. KF 3775 .E58 2017

Family Law Litigation: Berenson, Steve. 2017. Durham: Carolina Academic Press. KF 505 .B475 2017

Farnsworth on Contracts: Farnsworth, E. Allan. 2004. New York: Aspen Publishers. KF 801 .F367 2004

Final Judgments: The Death Penalty in American Law and Culture. Sarat, Austin, editor. 2017. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. KF 9227.C2 F548 2017

First Amendment Law in a Nutshell: Barron, Jerome A. 2018. St. Paul: West Academic Publishing. Res KF 4770 .B37 2018

Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure: Glannon, Joseph W. 2013. New York: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. Res KF 8841 .G59 2013

Glannon Guide to Sales: Burnham, Scott J. 2017. New York: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. Res KF 915 .B875 2017

In The Shadow of Dred Scott: St. Louis Freedom Suits and the Legal Culture of Slavery in Antebellum America. Kennington, Kelly M. 2017. Athens: The University of Georgia Press. KF 482 .K46 2017

Increasing Legal Rights for Zoo Animals: Justice on the Ark. Donahue, Jesse, editor. 2017. Lanham: Lexington Books. K 3620 .I53 2017

International Trade and U.S. Antitrust Law: Kessler, Jeffrey L. 2006. Eagan: Thomson West. KF 1649 .K47 2006

Just Right: A Life In Pursuit Of Liberty. Edwards, Lee. 2017. Wilmington: ISI Books. JC 573.2.U6 E369 2017

Law, Religion, and Health in the United States: Lynch, Holly Fernandez, et al. 2017. New York: Cambridge University Press. KF 4783 .L387 2017

Lawyer Disqualification: Disqualification of Attorneys and Law Firms. Flamm, Richard E. 2014. Berkeley: Banks and Jordan Law Publishing Company. KF 308 .F536 2014

Legal Issues in Education: Rights and Responsibilities in U.S. Public Schools Today. Welner, Kevin Grant. 2017. St. Paul: West Academic Publishing. KF 4119 .W45 2017

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Of Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the New World Order. Kagan, Robert. 2003. New York: Knopf. D 1065.U5 K26 2003

Our Republican Constitution: Securing the Liberty and Sovereignty of We the People. Barnett, Randy E. 2016. New York: Broadside Books. KF 4541 .B3128 2016

Public Health Law in a Nutshell: Hodge, James G., Jr. 2017. St. Paul: West Academic Publishing. Res KF 3775 .H63 2017

Real Estate Finance in a Nutshell: Lindsey, Vada Waters. 2018. St. Paul: West Academic Publishing. Res KF 695.Z9 B78 2018

Special Education Law in a Nutshell: Colker, Ruth. 2017. St. Paul: West Academic Publishing. Res KF 4209.3 .C653 2018

Substantive Criminal Law: LaFave, Wayne R. 2017. Eagan: Thomson Reuters. KF 9219 .L386 2017

Taking a Case to the European Court of Human Rights: Leach, Philip. 2017. New York: Oxford University Press. KJC 5138 .L43 2017

The Clean Water Act Handbook: McCall, Duke K. 2017. Lanham: Bernan Press. KF 3790 .C545 2017

When Deadly Force Is Involved: A Look at the Legal Side of Stand Your Ground, Duty to Retreat, and Other Questions of Self-Defense. Lawlor, Bruce M. 2017. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield. KF 9246 .L39 2017