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Selective Acquisitions List

Selective Acquisitions List

February – 2019 


Affirmative Action

Fix It: How History, Sports, and Education Can Inform Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Today. Imo, Kenneth. 2018. Chicago. Division of Law Practice American Bar Association. KF297.I468 2018.

Bar Preparation

Strategies & Tactics for the Finz Multistate Method. Finz, Steven R. 2016. New York. Wolters Kluwer. Bar KF303.F56 2016.

Constitutional Law

Voice of Justice: Reclaiming the First Amendment Rights of Lawyers. Tarkington, Margaret C. 2018. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. KF298.T37 2018.

We the People: A Progressive Reading of the Constitution for the Twenty-First Century. Chemerinsky Erwin. 2018. New York. Picador. KF4552.C54

Contract Law

Foundational Principles of Contract Law. Eisenberg, Melvin Aron. 2018. New York. Oxford University Press. KF889.85.E425 2018.

Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure in Practice. Marcus, Paul. 2018. Chicago. Section of Criminal Justice American Bar Association. KF9656.M29 2018.

Lie Detection and the Law: Torture, Technology, and Truth. Balmer, Andrew. 2018. Abingdon. Routledge. K5477.B35 2018

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity in the Digital Age: Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices. Garrett, Gregory. 2019. Riverwoods. Wolters Kluwer. KF1263.C65 G37 2019.

Family Law

Building a Successful Collaborative Family Law Practice. 2018. Chicago: Section of Family Law American Bar Association. KF299.D6 B85 2018.

Health Law

Family Guide to Mental Illness and the Law: A Practical Handbook. Tashbook, Linda. 2018. New York. Oxford University Press. KF480.T37 2019.

Healthcare Ethics, Law, and Professionalism: Essays on the Works of Alastair V. Campbell. 2019. Abingdon. Routledge. R724.H3484 2019.

Revisiting Landmark Cases in Medical Law. Pattinson, Shaun D. 2019. Abingdon. Routledge. KD3395.P39 2019. 

Intellectual Property Law

Computer Games and Immersive Entertainment: Next Frontiers in Intellectual Property. 2019. Chicago: Section of Intellectual Property Law American Bar Association. KF3024.C6 C625 2019.

IP Valuation for the Future: Trends, Techniques, and Case Studies. Anson, Weston. 2018. Chicago. Section of Intellectual Property Law American Bar Association. KF 2979.A843 2018.

International Law

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: Courtrooms to Corporate Counsels. Morrison, Terri. 2018. Chicago. Section of International Law American Bar Association. KF299.T73 M67 2018.

Judicial Process

Decision Making and Controversies in State Supreme Courts. Shomade, Salmon. 2018 Lanham. Lexington Books. KF8736.S56 2018.

Law Practice

Small Law; Big Success; How to Use Business Niche Specialization to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Practice. Aleem, Yussuf. 2018. Cheltenham. Edward Elgar Publishing. K120.A44 2018.

The Evolving Role of the Public Prosecutor: Challenges and Innovations. 2019. New York. Routledge. K5425.E93 2019.

The Value-Able Law Firm: Delivering Client-Focused, Higher-Value Legal Service for Clients and Law Firms. Lauer, Steven A. 2018. Chicago. Section of Business Law American Bar Association. KF311.L39 2018

Legal Ethics

Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Law: Causes and Cures. Flamm, Richard E. 2015. Berkeley. Banks and Jordan Law Publishing Co. KF311.F522 2015

Legal History

Great Christian Jurists in English History. 2017. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. KD620.G74 2017.

What Would Martin Say? Jones, Clarence. 2008. New York. Harper. E185.97.K5 J577 2008.

Marijuana Regulation

Marijuana Regulation. Jones, Karin D. 2019. New York. LexisNexis. KF3891.M2 J66 2019.