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Many beginning law students get frustrated with the traditional casebook and Socratic Dialogue methods of their first year of law school. Designed to ease and minimize such frustration are the following types of study guides that provide more “black letter” law than is delivered in the typical first year law class.

All of these titles can be found in the reserve room or the ready-reference section of the Law Library and the reserve items can be checked out for a limited time at the circulation desk.

  This series published by Thomson/West provides an overview of a legal subject in a “black-letter” format without reference to footnotes or extensive case references.  The topics cover all three years of law school. 

Examples and Explanations This series is ideal for study, review, and testing one’s understanding through application of hypothetical examples in the legal subjects covered.  Each title offers a combination of hypothetical questions in the legal subject area, complimented by detailed explanations which allow users to test their knowledge of the topic. 

Law Stories Series From Foundation Press, this series brings famous cases to life by telling the true, never-heard-before stories behind landmark cases found in most casebooks today.  Most first-year courses are included.

Sum and Substance/Law School Legends These AUDIO discs provide a comprehensive survey of the relevant legal subject area from a nationally recognized law professor in a four to six hour presentation.  The topics cover all three years of law school. 

Aspen Student Treatise Series Designed as an introductory text to use alongside one’s casebooks, these texts seek to demystify the intricacies of their legal subjects by providing an intelligent overview of the subject for the first-year law student.  These titles are noted for their clarity and readability.  

Questions & Answer Series A collection of study guides, each containing 200-400 multiple-choice and short-answer questions as well as a comprehensive “practice final exam,” to help students prepare for course study and for final exams.  All first-year courses are included in this collection.

Understanding Series A collection of study guides that are narrative, softbound student treatises on a wide variety of subjects.  The concise yet comprehensive analysis in each title provides a foundation for students to further grasp each subject and facilitates more than mere rote learning.

Public International Law Research Guide This guide is intended to provide an annotated survey of the international law resources available through Belmont's Law Library as well as to provide some tips and basic instruction on conducting public international research

Database Research Guide

Bibliography of U.S. Supreme Court Titles (Download Complete Bibliography Here)

Tennessee Legal Materials (Download Materials Here)