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Belmont University | Belief in Something Greater

Faculty Experts

Communication Studies

Interpersonal Communication (Mary Vaughn, Nathan Webb)

Intercultural Communication (Mary Vaughn)

Leadership (Jimmy Davis, Jeremy Fyke)

Environmental Communication (Jimmy Davis)

Corporate Social Responsibility (Jeremy Fyke)

Rhetorical Theory (Suzanne Lindsey)

Argumentation (Jason Stahl)

Organizational (Nathan Webb)



Education and Human Development (Mark Hogan)

Educational Leadership (Mark Hogan, Joy Kimmons)

Special Education (Cynthia Watkins, Sally Barton-Arwood, Lauren Lunsford)

Secondary Transition (Cynthia Watkins)

Reading Curriculum (Rachael Flynn-Hopper)



Rhetoric and Composition (Linda Holt, Sarah Blomeley, Eric Hobson, Amy Hodges-Hamilton, Joel Overall, Bonnie Smith-Whitehouse, Jason Lovvorn, Robbie Pinter, Andrea Stover)

Early American Literature (David Curtis, Sue Trout)

African American Literature (David Curtis)

Creative Writing, Fiction (Susan Finch)

Creative Writing, Poetry (Gary McDowell)

Twentieth-Century American Literature (Charmion Gustke, Caresse John)

Postcolonial Theory (Charmion Gustke)

Shakespeare (Marcia McDonald, Jayme Yeo)

Early Modern Literature (Marcia McDonald)

Poetry (Gary McDowell)

Medieval Literature (Maggie Monteverde)

Eighteenth-Century British Literature (Douglas Murray)

World Literature (John Paine)

Victorian Literature (Annette Sisson)


Foreign Languages

Spanish Language and Culture (David Julseth, Paulo Boero, Mitch McCoy, Natalia Pelaz)

French Language and Culture (Cheryl Brown)

Chinese Language and Culture (Qingjun (Joan) Li)

Italian Language and Culture (Francesca Muccini)

German Language and Culture (Regine Schwarzmeier)



Nineteenth Century United States (Brenda Jackson-Abernathy)

American Women (Brenda Jackson-Abernathy)

Early Modern England (Douglas Bisson)

Modern Russia (Dan Schafer)

Central Asia (Dan Schafer)

Twentieth Century American (Peter Kuryla)

Modern France (Cynthia Bisson)

Modern Japan (Cynthia Bisson)



Ancient Philosophy (Mark Anderson)

Nietzsche (Mark Anderson)

Philosophy of Mind (Noel Boyle)

Philosophy of Science (Noel Boyle)

History of Philosophy (Andrew Davis)

Hegel (Andrew Davis)

Aristotle (Andrew Davis)

Comparative Philosophy (Ronnie Littlejohn)

Wittgenstein (Ronnie Littlejohn)

Hume (Ronnie Littlejohn)

Russell (Ronnie Littlejohn)

Contemporary Continental (Melanie Walton)

Medieval Philosophy (Melanie Walton)

Philosophy of Religion (Melanie Walton)

Ethics (Melanie Walton)


Public Relations

Public Relations (Bonnie Riechert, Kevin Trowbridge, Christie Kleinmann)

Social Media (Kevin Trowbridge)

Sport Communication (Christie Kleinmann)


Political Science

Constitutional Law (Nathan Griffith)

European Politics (Nathan Griffith)

American Institutions (Vaughn May)

Southern Politics (Vaughn May)

Comparative Politics (Susan Jellissen)

Political Violence and Terrorism (Susan Jellissen)

Middle Eastern Politics (Susan Jellissen)



Gender (Shelby Longard, Andi Stepnick)

Inequality (Shelby Longard, Erin Pryor)

Social and Cultural Theory (Ken Spring)

Culture (Ken Spring)

Social Movements (Andi Stepnick)

Racial Inequality (Erin Pryor)

Music (Ken Spring)

Politics (Ken Spring)

Community (Ken Spring)


Sport Science

Exercise Science (Patrick Schneider, Nick Bacon)

Human Performance (Nick Bacon)

Physical Education (Tabby Bewley, Sarah Adams)

Sport Education Leadership (Ted Peetz)

Sport Administration (Stephen Shin)

Sport Marketing (Stephen Shin)

Athletic Training (Marnie Vanden Noven)

Ethics and Philosophy of Sport (Adam Pfleegor)