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Computer Science Programs

Belmont's computer science program is designed for students with a wide variety of interests and professional goals. 

computer labMajors

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a challenging major in Computer Science, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The curriculum provides experience with a wide range of computing machinery, from handheld workstations to multiprogrammed networks, while providing rigorous training in the fundamentals of the science -- logical reasoning, linearity, programming, modeling, analysis and concurrency.

Our program is closely tied with mathematics, particularly discrete mathematics, but also promotes collaboration with music, art, and new media. 

Undergraduate research is strongly encouraged, and has led to original work in networking, genetic algorithms, combinatorics and software engineering. Belmont students have presented their work, and won recognition, in regional and national forums. Alumni of the program find exciting careers in teaching and business, as well as in the computing industry.

Successful students will have a solid background in high school mathematics and an interest in tackling the fundamental challenges of the discipline -- complexity, ambiguity, spontaneity, reliability, and the nature of intelligence.

The department also offers a major in Web Programming and Development leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. This program addresses the demand for people with the combination of skills necessary to implement a modern web site. Graduates will be prepared to work with Internet servers and databases, develop web queries, and implement web applications.

Students may also choose minors in Computer Science, Database Administration, or Web Development preparing them with the foundational core competencies for more advanced academic studies and/or careers in computing related fields. 

For further information on a Computer Science degree at Belmont, please click here.