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Message from the Director

Rich Tiner

Message from Dr. Rich Tiner,
Mass Communication Program Director

Belmont’s Mass Communication program is designed to explore the “how” and “why” questions of media impact on society. It’s an exciting—and sometimes overwhelming—time to study the media. Things are changing so fast, it’s often hard to keep up…but that’s part of the excitement!

You’ll find our approach to the study of Mass Communication is guided by a few important principles. We start with the assumption that mass media are everywhere, and their influence is significant. We believe, then, that it is imperative (for both media professionals and media consumers) to think intelligently about the content of media messages; to consider carefully the sources from which media messages originate; and to evaluate critically the purpose of media messages…in short, to become “media literate.”

Our classes are small. We prefer discussion over lecture. We value input from students. We also value input from professionals. We’ll work hard, and we’ll ask you to work hard. In the end, you’ll be prepared for a career in media, for further academic work in grad school, or for more fulfilling citizenship in a media-rich society.

Questions? Drop me a note.