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Missionaries in Residence

Kelly and Janice Seely are the Fall 2018 Missionaries in Residence. Read below to find out more about their missionary work in Germany, and how you can connect with them if you'd like to get to know them!

seely-bio.jpgKelly and Janice Seely serve with the International Mission Board in Frankfurt, Germany, with their two daughters. Prior to Germany, they lived in Memphis, TN and Taipei, Taiwan. Altogether, as a family, they have traveled to 25+ countries. Janice served for 10+ years as a teacher and holds a Master’s degree in TESOL. Kelly was a German major, earned an MDiv., and is currently a PhD candidate in Greek and New Testament. Their daughters Phoebe and Helena have grown up trilingual (English, German, Chinese).  They love soccer. Helena plays guitar and piano, and Phoebe learns violin. 

They have planted a new German-speaking church with locals among Germans and others from many different multicultural backgrounds in the heart of Frankfurt. Kelly also leads the Master of Arts in Planting and Revitalizing Churches at the Wiedenest Biblical Theological Academy and is co-director of the Center for Church Planting in Frankfurt, Germany, a training institute for young urban church planters seeking to start creative churches, projects, and initiatives in the city.

Both Kelly and Janice love to connect with students, talk about traveling abroad, and each individual’s calling for their own life. 

Explore the their work in Frankfurt:






Kelly and Janice would love to get coffee, lunch, or just hang out on campus. If you'd like to meet them, contact one or both of them with their emails below: 

Kelly Seely: 

Janice Seely: