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Leadership Opportunities

There are several opportunities for student leadership within the Belmont on Mission programming - serving as a student leader on a trip, leading a team of volunteers to serve and love our guests with Room in the Inn, or being one of our leaders on the Missional Engagement Council for 2019-2020!

Every Plunge and Immersion trip offers the opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills through serving as a trip leader. You’ll help your fellow students enter more fully into the immersion experience and the challenges caused by seeing the world from a new perspective. You’ll assist throughout the trip in logistics, spiritual reflection, and community. University Ministries will provide extensive training, so you don’t have to know everything or be an expert on social justice issues – you just need to be open to learning, walking with other students, and sharing from your own experiences. 

Please contact Larkin Briley at 615-460-6419 or if you have more questions. 

Leadership Opportunities: 
  • Missional Engagement Council (MEC)
  • Plunge Student Leader
  • Immersion/International Student Leader
  • Room in the Inn Leadership Team


Belmont on Mission is excited to partner with the Belmont Office of Leadership Development (BOLD) by aligning its leadership positions with the leadership competencies listed below. 

  • Bold Plunge/Immersion Competencies