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Support Raising

It's more than just "fund" raising...It's support-raising!

Going on a mission experience is an exciting journey, but it can be full of uncertainty - especially when it comes to finances. But when you reach out to your friends, family, church, or community to let them know about your mission trip, you're doing so much more than just asking them to help fund the trip. You're asking them not just to support you financially, but to join with you as you prepare, go, and return to share your experience with God and others with them. Imagine ways you can move beyond your self and allow others to invest in you, pray for you, and learn from you as you go. 

Step One: Consider reading "The Spirituality of Fundraising" by Henri Nouwen. (free digital e-book)

Step Two: Begin by reading our "support raising 101 guide." (yes, read all of it!) 

Step Three: Send mail and email support letters with our "sample support letter template."