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With our International Exchange program, students in the School of Music can spend up to two semesters at any of the following schools:

  • University of Manchester, in Manchester, England
  • Russian Academy of Music (Gnesins School) in Moscow, Russia
  • Hochschule fur Musik in Dresden, Germany
  • Conservatoire d'Angers in Angers, France
  • Il Conservatorio di Fiesole, in Florence, Italy
  • Istituto Italiano, in Florence, Italy


School of Music students are given extraordinary opportunities to study in a normally competitively-limited audition atmosphere. Because this program entrusts high responsibilities of the students, we require at least a 3.0 grade average, junior academic standing and evidence of the individual possessing the ability to live abroad. Credit gained through these programs varies, depending on the international program undertaken by the student and the length of the study abroad.

International StudyIn addition, all of the schools are language intensive. Consequently, applicants must have completed at least one year of college-level language (specific to their particular exchange country) and must continue language study during the year abroad. Students will spend approximately one month of intensive language study at the appropriate level in-country prior to beginning music studies.

School of Music students interested in the International Exchange Program should contact Dr. Ted Wylie (or via phone, 615-460-8108) for further information.