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Vocal Ensembles List

We have a variety of student vocal ensembles. Each ensemble has 1-2 main performances during the school year. To learn more about each ensemble, click on the ensemble name below.  The director/conductor is listed next to the ensemble.

Belmont Pops - Santi, Megan
Chamber Singers - Entsminger, Deen
Chorale - Ames, Jeffery
Company - Santi, Megan
Jazzmin - Paradise, Kathryn
Musical Theatre - Allen, Nancy
Opera Theatre - Whitten, Kristi
Oratorio - Ames, Jeffery
Phoenix - Wigginton, James
Session - Warren, Jane
Southbound - Smiley, Henry
University Singers - Warrne, Jane
Women's Choir - Mann, Lesley