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Shadinger, Marilyn            Adjunct Instructor

Shadinger, Richard           Full Time Facult y

Shamburger, David           Full Time Faculty

Silverman, Tracy              Adjunct Instructor

Small, Elisabeth                Full Time Facult y

Smallwood, Chris             Adjunct Faculty

Smiley, Henry                  Full Time Facult y

Speck, Emily                      Adjunct Faculty

Spicher, Buddy                   Adjunct Instructor

Stanton, Zack                     Adjunct Instructor


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Thompson, Chester          Adjunct Instructor

Thompson, Robert           Adjunct Instructor

Treybig, Carolyn              Adjunct Instructor

Treybig, Joel                    Full Time Facult y

Valeras, Michael               Adjunct Instructo

Vivio, Chris                       Adjunct Instructor

Vogt, Roy                          Full Time Facult y

Volker, Alyssa                   Adjunct Instructor

Volker, Mark                     Full Time Faculty


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Warren, Jane                   Full Time Facult y

Watson, Derico                  Adjunct Instructor 

Whatley, Mark                    Full Time Faculty

Whitten, Kristi                  Full Time Faculty

Wigginton, James R.         Adjunct Instructor

Willets, Steve                   Adjunct Instructor

Wylie, Ted D.                  Full Time Facult y

Yankeelov, Marjorie           Adjunct Instructor

Zoro                                        Adjunct Instructor