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Shadinger, Marilyn            Adjunct Instructor

Shadinger, Richard           Full Time Facult y

Shamburger, David           Full Time Faculty

Silverman, Tracy              Adjunct Instructor

Small, Elisabeth                Full Time Faculty

Smallwood, Chris             Adjunct Faculty

Smiley, Henry                  Full Time Faculty

Speck, Emily                      Adjunct Faculty

Spicher, Buddy                   Adjunct Instructor

Stanton, Zack                     Adjunct Instructor


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Thompson, Chester          Adjunct Instructor

Thompson, Robert           Adjunct Instructor

Treybig, Carolyn              Adjunct Instructor

Treybig, Joel                    Full Time Faculty

Valeras, Michael               Adjunct Instructo

Vivio, Chris                       Adjunct Instructor

Vogt, Roy                          Full Time Faculty

Volker, Alyssa                   Adjunct Instructor

Volker, Mark                     Full Time Faculty


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Warren, Jane                   Full Time Faculty

Watson, Derico                  Adjunct Instructor 

Whatley, Mark                    Full Time Faculty

Whitten, Kristi                  Full Time Faculty

Wigginton, James R.         Adjunct Instructor

Willets, Steve                   Adjunct Instructor

Wylie, Ted D.                  Full Time Faculty

Yankeelov, Marjorie           Adjunct Instructor

Zhang, Xiao-Fan                Ajunct Instructor

Zoro                                        Adjunct Instructor