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Land, James - Tuba
Patrick, Steve - Trumpet
Phillips, Jeff - Trombone & Euphonium
Rusu, Radu - French Horn
Treybig, Joel - Trumpet


Barnett, Mark - Banjo/Guitar/Mandolin
Cardoni, John - Guitar
DaSilva, Mario - Guitar
Godwin, Mark - Guitar
Krauss, Viktor - Commercial Bass
Nitti, Adam - Commercial Bass
Palmer, Nick - Commercial Guitar
Pell, John - Guitar- Coordinator of Guitar Studies
Perry, Francis - Guitar
Petchulat, David - Guitar
Rogers, Jefferson - Guitar
Thompson, Robert - Guitar
Valeras, Michael - Guitar
Vogt, Roy - Electric Bass


Belfiglio, Anthony - Commercial Piano
Bennett, Elena - Classical Piano
Brophy, Maeve - Classical Piano
Burgett, Eric - Classical Piano
Coble, Josh - Organ
Dudley, Bruce - Commercial Piano
Elsberry, Kris - Classical Piano
Endahl, Matt - Commercial Piano
Harmon, Linda - Classical Piano
Huber, Ryan - Classical Piano
Johnson, Jessica - Classical Piano
Klefstad, Kristian - Classical Piano
Landes, Dan - Classical Piano - Coordinator of Keyboard Studies
Lisenby, Jeff - Commercial and Classical Piano
Marler, Robert - Classical Piano
McKay, David - Class Piano
Murphy, Vanissa - Class Piano
Risinger, Andrew - Organ
Shadinger, Richard - Classical Piano, Carillon, Harpsichord
Smallwood, Chris - Classical Piano
Willets, Steve - Commercial Piano


Buhts, Sebastian - Classical Percussion
Kemp, Todd - Classical Percussion
London, Todd - Commercial Percussion
Norton, Christopher - Classical Percussion - Coordinator of Percussion
Thompson, Chester - Commercial Drums
Watson, Derico - Commercial Drums
Zoro - Commercial Drums


Barnett, Mark - Banjo/Guitar/Mandolin
Bressman, Paula - Harp
Contreras, Billy - Commercial Violin
Cote, Sarah - Viola/Violin
Gooding, Alison - Violin
Nelson, Craig - Bass
Nelson, Paul - Commercial Cello
Rogers King, Tammy - Commercial Violin
Silverman, Tracy - Commercial Violin
Small, Elisabeth - Violin - Coordinator of Strings
Spicher, Buddy - Commercial Violin
Zhang, Xiao-Fan - Cello


Alexander, Rebekah - Classical Voice
Carr, Angela - Classical Voice
Coleman, Jennifer - Classical Voice - Coordinator Vocal Arts Lab
Fisher, Jocelyn - Classical Voice
Garbis, Leslie - Classical Voice
George, Mary - Classical Voice
Harrison, Holli - Classical Voice
Moore, Keith - Classical Voice
Roberts, Patricia - Classical Voice
Sokolnicki, Savanna - Classical Voice
Volker, Alyssa - Classical Voice
Whatley, Mark - Classical Voice - Coordinator of Vocal Studies
Whitten, Kristi - Classical Voice - Director of Opera Theatre 
Wylie, Ted - Classical Voice


Adlington, Stephanie - Commercial Voice
Bennett, Bruce - Commercial Voice
Chiavola, Kathy - Commercial Voice
Combs, Amanda - Commercial Voice
Dudley, Sandra - Commercial Voice - Commercial Vocal Liaison
Garner, Kelly - Commercial Voice
Paradise, Kathryn - Commercial Voice
Santi, Megan - Commercial Voice
Smiley, Henry - Commercial Voice - Commercial Music Coordinator
Terwilliger, Megan - Commercial Voice
Wigginton, James R. - Commercial Voice


Allen, Nancy - Musical Theatre Voice, Coordinator of Musical Theatre
Aubrey, Erica - Musical Theatre Voice
Burks, Jo Lynn - Musical Theatre Voice
Shamburger, David - Musical Theatre
Speck, Emily - Musical Theatre Voice


Graham, Alex- Saxophone
Lochrie, Daniel - Clarinet
Woodworth, Grace - Oboe
Shankle, Dong-Yun - Bassoon
Treybig, Carolyn - Flute