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Applied Study

Click here for the Graduate Applied Study Guidelines

Undergraduate Applied Master Syllabi:

MAA Classical Voice

MBA Commercial Voice

MAB Classical Piano

MBB Commercial Piano

MAD Classical Guitar

MBD Commercial Guitar

MAE Classical Brass

MBE Commercial Brass

MAF Classical Woodwinds

MBF Commercial Woodwinds

MAG Classical Strings

MBG Commercial Strings

MAH Classical Percussion

MBH Commercial Percussion

MAI Classical Instruments

MBJ Electric Bass

MAK Classical Composition

MBK Commercial Composition

MAM Conducting

MBL Commercial Arranging

MAN Carillon

MAP Organ


Graduate Applied Study Guidelines:

Classical Voice Commercial Voice
Classical Piano Commercial Piano
Classical Guitar Commercial Guitar
Classical Brass/Woodwinds Commercial Brass/Woodwinds
Classical Strings Commercial Strings
Classical Percussion Commercial Percussion
Classical Composition Commercial Composition
Classical Conducting