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Music Theory

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More than 15 full and part-time instructors teach in the area of music theory at Belmont. Courses are offered in a variety of areas from the basic theory and aural skills courses taken by all music majors to courses in counterpoint and advanced analysis. For those interested in composition and arranging, the school provides study in those areas as well. Learning in all areas is supported by well-equipped technology labs directed by Mr. Keith Mason.


Music Theory Web Resources

Interested in being a music theory major?  Visit our Music Theory FAQs page

To request an application or receive information about School of Music admissions, visit  Admission/Audition

Keyboards for Music Theory Majors

Music students are strongly encouraged to own a portable electronic keyboard for personal use and study.  Students will benefit in many classes from having access to a keyboard.  Theory classes often have keyboard assignments, and teachers expect that students will have access to a keyboard for doing homework and reinforcing class activities.  Portable keyboards are available for less than $150 at music stores and other retailers.  We recommend a keyboard with full-size keys and a 5 octave range (approximately 61 keys).  Many students may already own larger, more elaborate keyboards, which will work as well.

For more information on music theory at Belmont, contact Richard Hoffman