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At the university level, the work of assessment engenders copious amounts of information. This amount of information raises key questions:
   How do we gather it all?
   Where do we store the data? 
   How do we review it?
   How do we aggregate it in a way that it can be used for university decision-making?
   How do we return feedback?
   How can faculty update reports without having to recreate them?

Technology is the key to gathering, handling, aggregating and making decisions from the copious amount of data created by the university's assessment efforts. We have chosen to use Qualtrics to gather our survey data and Tk20 as an online platform for storing and using our assessment data.

Tk20 Logo

Qualtrics Logo
Technology Benefits
Streamlined Logistics

     Quick turn-around for users.

      A unified system from which we  
can compare and report data.

Shared Training for Multiple Uses

We can share training experiences and learn 
   from each other the variety of applications 
   and uses. 

 Ease of Access

     Users can create and update from
       anywhere they are online.
     Data can be viewed from a
       variety of devices. 

     Increased Accuracy

     The less we handle and reformat our information manually,
the more accurate the information is.