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Kappa Pi art fraternity 2014

Kappa Pi Art Fraternity

Outstanding students who are nominated by faculty are invited to join Kappa Pi, an international honorary art fraternity. Kappa Pi was founded over a century ago to recognize creativity, scholarship, and talent in the visual arts. Belmont’s Eta Phi Chapter was established in 2010 under the guidance of its first student president, Katie Boatman, with Professor Jim Meaders serving as the faculty sponsor from the Department of Art. Eta Phi was the 200th chapter inducted into the Kappa Pi fraternity enabling art majors to grow artistically as well as intellectually.

Since its establishment in the year 1911 at the University of Kentucky, Kappa Pi has dedicated itself to providing a voluntary, non-profit base of support for art excellence through its active support of all Kappa Pi chapters' goals and objectives. Kappa Pi is an international honorary art fraternity with the purpose of uniting artists who care about art in its role in life. This fraternity bonds conscientious artists together to form a unit which is influential in the art department as well as the community. To become a member of Kappa Pi, one must first meet the minimum requirements: 1) completion of 12 semester hours in art; 2) attainment of an overall "B" average in all art courses; 3) an overall academic average of "C"; 4) produces outstanding artwork. If one meets these minimum requirements then he/she is eligible for membership in Kappa Pi. Students may be selected for membership in Kappa Pi by the following ways: 1) through nominations by several faculty members of the art department and/or 2) portfolio review. Art history majors are chosen mainly on their academic standing. Each chapter can decide how new members are selected.



International Interior Design Association Campus Center

A student-led chapter of IIDA with elected officials and a faculty advisor.

Campus Centers provide an environment for the development and exchange of knowledge among students, educators, administration and design professionals. Participation in a Campus Center adds further value to your student membership because it involves working closely with your local IIDA Chapter or City Center to develop programs and events.