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A photo of a female Belmont student standing in art museum looking up to view art. Paintings are visible in the background.

Art History

Bachelor of Art in Art History


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Art History at Belmont University will challenge you to become a “thinking” individual through an emphasis on learning to learn. While content is important, the most valuable skill is learning how to learn efficiently, figure out what you do not know and how to build on what you do know to adapt to new situations and solve problems.

Students learn about the visual environment and culture as well as its history in a small classroom setting. The course offerings satisfy a diverse range of interests, yet students will graduate with a deep understanding of their major subject. In addition to learning about artists and their work throughout history, the program aims to support the development of creative and critical thinking, functional knowledge of art-making practices and an intermediate-level comprehension in a foreign language.

Another reason to study Art History at Belmont is the location. Both the campus and the city are focused on supporting creativity in the arts. Art History majors often find internship opportunities at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts and at the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art. Students interested in experiencing art in a global context also have the chance to study in Greece, Italy and other countries with professors from the Department of Art.



"The Art History program at Belmont University exceeded my expectations. I was constantly challenged to engage in high-level discussions and interpretations of art, opening my mind to a world of possibilities."
—Anna Chappell, 2011 Graduate with a BA in Art History


Art History Minor

Art has served a unique role in every society from the beginning of time to the present. Visual art and architecture defines human history and communicates the essential truths of every culture and society.

This minor provides students an opportunity to explore focused topics in Art History by means of the two standard survey courses, four seminars in specialized topics such as Greek and Roman art.

Coursework may be completed entirely at Belmont or in combination with a Study Abroad Program. See course requirements here.