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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Belmont require Convocation?
Belmont wants students to have a common or shared experience that promotes the development of a well-rounded individual by encouraging learning outside the classroom and life-long learning.

What office can I go to to talk to someone about Convocation?
The Dean of Students Office is located on the second floor the Beaman Student Life Center. They will direct you to the information you need (615-460-6407).

How do I get Community Service & Reflection credit?
Students receive Community Service & Reflection credit by submitting a form verifying their hours and nature of service for activities on or off-campus for which they have received neither academic credit nor compensation.  The form is available on the MyBelmont home page. 

Can I attend on-campus Convocation programs during the summer?
Convocation programs are not typically offered during the summer; however, students may complete Community Service & Reflection credit during this time.

Is Convocation required for graduation?
Yes, convocation is a graduation requirement at Belmont.  Students have failed to graduate for not completing their requirements. Alternative methods are available for graduating seniors who are lacking a few convocation credits due to schedule conflicts, etc. Students will only be allowed to complete up to two credits per category (except for Community Service & Reflection) via the alternative methods but cannot request alternative methods until their final semester prior to graduation. 

Can I get Convocation requirements adjusted due to my work schedule?
No, convocation is a graduation requirement just like your general education classes; and likewise, must be completed satisfactorily in spite of such conflicts.  Typically, more than 350 programs are offered each semester to provide students flexibility and variety.

Where can I check my Convocation status?
You may check your Convocation credits on-line on the myBelmont page.

If I attend a program or turn in a Community Service & Reflection form, when will it appear on my record?
Unless there are unusual circumstances, program attendance is usually credited within 48 hours.  Community Service & Reflection credit is usually applied within 5 working days.  Portfolio forms (for University College students) are processed through University College.

If I transfer one or more classes to Belmont at anytime, does that exempt me from specific Convocation categories?
This only applies to students who enrolled at Belmont before Fall 1999, and it will no longer apply beginning Fall 2000; therefore, students who enrolled at Belmont before Fall 1999 must have any transfer hours sent to Belmont by October 1, 2000 for them to affect convocation requirements.  After this date, additional hours transferred will not affect convocation requirements.

Can I get convocation credit for Study Abroad?
Yes, students can get 2 credits of Global Citizenship, Leadership, Diversity & the Professions credit for every academic course they complete up to a total of 10 convocation credits.