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Co-curricular Transcript

The co-curricular transcript tool within BruinLink allows students to showcase their areas of involvement, learning experiences, and overall outstanding achievements. Important aspects of student activity–including things like organization membership or service hours completion–can be reflected on the transcript.

• Students can request approval for past involvements to be displayed on the transcript; these requests may be reviewed individually or set to auto-approve upon submission.

• When assigned with corresponding learning outcomes, student self-reflection statements can be included on the transcript as supporting documentation of learning.

• Institutions can customize the transcript to include opening or closing text statements, display specific types of activities, or to show an institution logo, seal, or insignia on the document.

For students interested in developing their co-curricular transcript, go to the BruinLink homepage and click on “My Involvement” at the top of the page. Then click on Co-curricular Transcript and begin adding the necessary information.