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About Leadership Development

Learn the Lessons (Leadership Development)

Student Engagement & Leadership Development (SELD) provides broad oversight of leadership development programs for the Division of Student Affairs. SELD believes that when students engage in leadership roles and experiences outside of the classroom, they are able to develop a greater self-knowledge of their talents and strengths as well as improve their leadership competence. Student leaders are provided with opportunities characterized by real power and responsibility, genuine opportunity and choice. Leadership roles are designed not only to influence and shape the life of the campus community, but to reveal and refine the character of those who serve in them, thus providing opportunities to learn difficult and challenging life lessons in a safe and productive learning lab environment.

SELD serves Belmont’s Mission by providing authentic student leadership experiences that “prepares students to use their intellectual skills, creativity, and faith to meet the challenges and opportunities that face the human community”. We believe that God has equipped each student with unique dispositions, talents and abilities and that we are all called to give ourselves to something bigger than ourselves. The Bible tells us that God has brought you into this world for specific purposes in his eternal plan. “You have been born for such a time as this”. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” 

SELD recognizes that more and more students are engaging in leadership experiences in a variety of levels and the amount and complexity of leadership roles within the Division of Student Affairs has grown. In order to unite and create shared common experiences among the vast numbers and levels of leadership experiences; SELD has created shared student leader learning outcomes. These learning outcomes fall under 5 thematic areas that we feel are essential to all leadership experiences. All student leaders will have the opportunity to 1) Develop Meaningful Relationships, 2) Engage in Self Discovery, 3) Gain Cultural Competency, 4) Develop Community and 5) Live a Purposeful Life.