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Presidents' Council

Presidents’ Council is a monthly informational meeting led by the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership Development (SELD).  The purpose of the Presidents’ Council is to coordinate efforts between organizations and relay information about student life. In addition the Presidents’ Council provides a forum for student organization leaders to discuss issues surrounding their specific organizations, campus life, and upcoming events.  All organizations recognized by the University as Charted, Affiliated and Fraternity/Sorority are required to have representation at all Presidents’ Council meetings.

Recognized Graduate Student Organizations meet at a designated time every six weeks throughout the academic year as well. Given the nature of their work and academic schedules the Graduate Presidents' Council was created in order to support and engage the graduate student organization population more intently.

All Presidents’ Council meetings are listed on the BruinLink Calendar and on the SELD BruinLink page. Minutes from each Presidents’ Council meeting will be published to the SELD BruinLink page following each meeting.

For more questions regarding the meetings, please contact the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership Development at 615.460.6407.