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Topical Workshops

The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership Development (SELD) recognizes that annual training is often not enough for student organizations as they engage in campus life through programming, operations, and marketing. To that end, SELD works each semester to provide topical workshops for all recognized student organizations. Through conversation as well as intentional surveys, workshop opportunities vary each semester based upon the needs and framework of campus culture. 

Below is just a sample of what has been sponsored over the last two years. If your organization has suggestions for other workshops, please contact SELD directly. 

BruinLink: My organization has a page, now what?
This workshop will seek to go in depth with your organizational leaders and advisors in how to successfully function inside of BruinLink through events, documents, finance, and member management.

Events: My organization wants to do what?
Event planning can be a difficult task when your organization does not regularly plan them. Whether they are large scale or just for your members, find out how to plan successfully and effectively for programs for your organization.

Finance: Where’s the money?
All things financial will be discussed in this workshop on your organization’s budget, access to grant petitions, and creative fundraising ideas.

Risk Management and Liability: There’s a form for that.
Ever wonder why you have to fill out forms for an event? With every program there is a certain level of risk and liability. Find out more about that and how to effectively plan ahead for all the forms your organization and members will need for the entire year.

Transition Out
You are approaching the end of your term in leadership for your organization. Do you remember when it began? Wish you had the knowledge then that you do now? This workshop lays out how to best transition your role for the incoming student leader. You will learn effective and efficient ways to leave a legacy as you exit your role in a student organization.