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Academic Program

The School of Occupational Therapy is committed to providing an educational program that both challenges and enhances your ability to learn. The MSOT Weekend Program consists of six consecutive semesters (including summers). Classes are conducted online through Blackboard and every third weekend on Belmont ’s campus.

The academic program is based upon problem solving and collaborative learning. Through the integration of classroom experiences and clinical observation, the program blends theoretical understanding with the practical application of occupational therapy intervention, developing professional behaviors in the process.

The curriculum is delivered through a variety of lecture, lab and seminar formats, fieldwork experiences, and web-based instruction. As a student, you will be required to demonstrate proficiencies in problem solving, psychomotor, behavioral and clinical competencies as you progress through the program.

High-speed internet access is strongly recommended since you must be able to download large files and view videos in this program. Access to a scanner is also strongly recommended as students will need to submit program materials to faculty and staff throughout the program. A distance learning platform, Blackboard, is used for on-line coursework. Since technology is constantly evolving, students should contact the program assistant for technology requirements needed to participate in the program before purchasing new computer software or hardware.

During your first weekend on campus you will receive a comprehensive orientation to the Weekend MSOT Program. The first semester of the program provides course work in kinesiology; neuroscience; and physiology and clinical pathophysiology to ensure that you and your peers, regardless of professional background, have a firm understanding of client factors (body functions and body structures).

During the second semester, the study of occupation is intensified by examining occupational issues that are relevant from birth through adolescence. You will also begin formal preparation for your research project.  In the first summer semester, you will focus on the roles of the occupational therapy practitioner in the assessment and treatment of adults and initiate your research project under the supervision of a faculty member. 

In the fall semester of the second year, you will focus on occupational performance issues and use of therapeutic occupation related to older adults. You will also engage in a Level I fieldwork experience, actively participating in a setting under the direct supervision of an occupational therapist or other health care professional, and complete your research project.

Upon successful completion of you academic course work, research project, and Level I fieldwork, you are then prepared to begin the Level II fieldwork to be completed during the final two semesters. The program consists of three (3) Level I field placements and two (2) Level II placements. Our students may choose from over 800 clinical sites, or they can work closely with the fieldwork team to develop sites in their own geographic region.

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