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Tips & Advice

We realize attending college is a family affair. From parents to siblings to grandparents to your Belmont students, everyone is making sacrifices and everyone is experiencing change. As an institution, we want to support parents as you support your students. Here are 10 pieces of advice we recommend for Belmont parents as you encourage your students:

  1. Push your student to connect with the Belmont community 
    Encourage your student to join a campus organization, get to know a faculty member, or attend a weekend event. Research demonstrates the positive connection between campus involvement and academic success. Encouraging your student to get involved on campus could greatly change their Belmont experience.
  2. Refuse the temptation to step in and solve all life problems
    Here is what will happen: Your student will text you with a life problem and you will then want to jump in and save the day. Empowering your student to utilize campus resources, find solutions and take action can ultimately lead to personal maturity and inner confidence. Take a moment before stepping in and solving problems.
  3. Ask more questions & give less answers
    College is a time of wrestling with big questions that lead to transformation. Rather than provide answers on how you understand the world, ask your child questions to deepen their curiosity and learning. Listening, questioning and reassurance can be the best aid in the learning process. Trust that God is sovereign and give your student space to step into these times of wrestling.
  4. Disappointment versus failure
    Whether it is a low grade on an exam or not getting a student leadership position, your student will experience disappointment during their time at Belmont. Disappointment does not mean failure. It is important to encourage your student through these disappointments.
  5. Get connected to Belmont
    Belmont views college as a family affair, and we want you to join in all Belmont has to offer for families. Attend Parent and Family Weekend, go to Homecoming, check out an athletic event or musical production, and buy some Bruin gear!
  6. College is about learning 
    College is more than just getting a degree. It is about learning. Encourage your student to take advantage of all of the learning opportunities Belmont has to offer like service learning experiences in Nashville, study abroad, internships, leadership opportunities and the list goes on and on.
  7. Help your student become an independent & responsible adult
    Letting go can be hard, but it is an important piece of the developmental process. Empower your student to pick their courses, choose leadership opportunities and solve their own problems.
  8. Call us or email if you have questions or concerns
    If you have a concern or question, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you and your student.
  9. Give yourself and your student grace
    You have been doing this parenting thing for 18 years. Your child made it to college. You must have been doing something right! Both you and your child are going through a period of transition. Give yourself grace as you both try to figure out this new world and new dynamic.
  10. Pray
    Prayer is powerful and will impact your child in more ways than you will ever know. Don't hesitate to ask how you can pray for your child and make prayer a daily practice in your life.