Enrollment Deposit


Please follow these directions closely when submitting your enrollment deposit:

To confirm your enrollment at Belmont, please submit your non-refundable enrollment deposit online at www.belmont.edu/paymydeposit. The User ID will be your BUID number. The password will be the last six digits of your BUID. You will pay your enrollment deposit online with a credit card or checking account.

After you have logged in, please remember to select the eDeposits tab at the top of the page and then select from the drop down menu your student classification. You will then make your enrollment deposit payment.

Please remember -- this is the official process for confirming your enrollment at Belmont! This step will initiate at the appropriate time additional communication regarding important enrollment topics. Various offices on campus will be notified of your deposit within a few days.

May 1 is the deadline for admitted freshmen to submit the enrollment deposit and confirm their intention to enroll in Fall 2015.