Name: Ellie Kidd ellie kidd

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Exercise Science/Spanish

Hometown: Cape Girardeau, MO 

Why did you choose Belmont? I get this question a lot because I’m a science major at Belmont, but what drew me here was actually my tour. I saw how much Belmont cares about its students, how friendly and genuine the students and staff are, and also how beneficial attending a private Christian school can be.

Why did you choose to be a Tour Guide? I love Belmont, so I became a recruiter to have the opportunity to share that passion with prospective students on our special Preview Days. However, since those only happen once a month I wanted to find a way to be in more constant contact with students and their families, and tours are my way to stay engaged. It’s so rewarding because I still remember my tour and who my guide was two years ago that helped me make the decision that I wanted to attend Belmont University.

What is your favorite on-campus event? The Throwback Prom hosted by Good Clean Fun and the Student Activities Programming Board is one of my favorite events. It’s held during the first week of school, and so it was one of my first official Belmont college student activities. It really showed me how Belmont is unique from other schools! It’s so fun to be able to dance around freely in outrageous 80’s outfits and not be self-conscious!

What is your favorite movie? While You Were Sleeping

What is your favorite song & artist/band? I’m going old school here, but I have a Beach Boys CD I play on repeat in my car that I love!

What would you want to be your last meal on earth? My daddy makes a mean steak paired with mashed potatoes and one (make that two) cookies from “What’s Bruin?” one of our on-campus dining options.

What is your favorite Nashville experience? For the past two years I’ve gotten into the Country Music Awards for FREE! It’s so great because I get to go to one of the biggest events in country music, see lots of stars, and enjoy performances from 30+ of my favorite artists doing their best songs. I get in free by being a seat filler. Also, I’m always really close to the stage and performers- I had my five seconds of fame on TV last year because I was right behind Carrie Underwood!

What is your dream career after graduating from Belmont? After graduation I actually plan on going to graduate school and then becoming an occupational therapist. My dream job would be to work in a public school system as a pediatric occupational therapist.

What is your favorite class that you have taken at Belmont and why? I’m sure my parents wouldn’t appreciate this, but my favorite class has been Group Games- a one-credit physical education course I took my first semester freshman year. It was a great way to break in college for me because it was a simple and fun class in which I could decompress. It was also a great way for me to make friends that first semester, and we played awesome sports like a campus-wide game of capture the flag!

If you could go back in time and give advice about college to 16-17 year old you, what would you say? I was so stressed out about my college decision as a high school junior and senior, but I’m also really thankful now that I put as much work into my applications and search as I did because I ended up in the perfect place for me. I’d advise students to really do their research, apply to a variety of schools, and actually make a visit to as many campuses as possible- tours make all the difference!