Josh Tomlinson

josh tomlinsonName: Josh Tomlinson

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: EIS/ Music Business

Hometown: Portland, TN

Why did you choose Belmont? I knew from the first time I came to campus that it was somewhere I wanted to be. A few of my older friends from high school came here before me, so I would come visit and see what life was really like here. My visits just solidified more and more that Belmont was the place for me.

Why did you choose to be a Tour Guide? I think the campus is absolutely awesome, and I love walking around. However, I really love being able to positively impact anyone I can who might be unsure about their college choice, and let them know that there’s a place for everyone here.

What is your favorite on-campus event? Basketball Games- I love the atmosphere and getting to just forget about everything for a couple of hours is awesome.

What is your favorite movie? School Of Rock- I wanted to be those kids. I’ve probably seen it over 50 times.

What is your favorite song & artist/band? I’m a musician, so my interests are always changing, but right now, my favorite song is probably #41 by Dave Matthews Band, who would probably be my favorite artist too.

What would you want to be your last meal on earth? PF Changs- Every item on the menu. All the things at PF Changs! 

What is your favorite Nashville experience? CMA Fest- That whole week is awesome. It’s hot and stormy most of the time, but it’s awesome!

What is your dream career after graduating from Belmont? I would love to work in publishing and be a point person for several artists working on pitching them songs. 

What is your favorite class that you have taken at Belmont and why? Old Testament with Dane Anthony- I took New Testament in high school and dreaded Old Testament, but the class was so interesting, I learned a lot, and Dane is a great professor. 

If you could go back in time and give advice about college to 16-17 year old you, what would you say? Don’t stress it. Let it come to you. I was so worried about how life was supposed to go that I forgot to just enjoy it. Do what you can to make yourself the best at whatever it is you do. People will notice and your hard work will pay off.