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kate mcmordieName: Kate McMordie

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Nursing

Why did you choose Belmont? My brother is now a senior at Belmont, so watching him come and fall in love with Belmont made me super interested. Then, I started googling for nursing schools and Belmont popped up every time. I came to tour the campus, and it was love at first visit!

Why did you choose to be a Tour Guide? The tour that I attended while visiting Belmont made a huge impact on how I viewed the community that Belmont has. I wanted to be that face of Belmont to prospective students as a representative for the community that has treated me so well here!

What is your favorite on-campus event? I love Good Clean Fun and definitely Fall Follies which are two events that are specifically unique to Belmont!

What is your favorite movie? The Princess Bride

What is your favorite song & artist/band? Favorite song – Gravity by John Mayer | Favorite band – NEEDTOBREATHE…or Local Natives…or The Head and the Heart….don’t make me pick! 

What would you want to be your last meal on earth? Pizza, Mac ‘n Cheese, and a Chick-Fil-A Milkshake.

What is your favorite Nashville experience? There are concerts on concerts on concerts all the time, on all days of the week.

What is your dream career after graduating from Belmont? My dream career is definitely starting and running an orphanage in Haiti for the rest of my days. 

What is your favorite class that you have taken at Belmont and why? My favorite class is a toss up between Anatomy and Physiology and Bowling. I love Anatomy and Physiology because I find that you don’t fully understand how intricate and grand God is until you study how precise He made the cardiovascular system. I also love bowling because bumpers are for the weak and now a thing of the past for me.

If you could go back in time and give advice about college to 16-17 year old you, what would you say? I would definitely advise myself to live in the moment. Follow your gut to the right college, and once you get there, take risks, be fully you, and take road trips at 3am to Kentucky because why not? College is not something that will define your life. It just adds a whole lot of whimsy, adventure, knowledge, independence, and a taste for Ramen Noodles.