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Class Attendance Policy

Belmont University is committed to the idea that regular class attendance is essential to successful scholastic achievement. Absence is permitted only in cases of illness or other legitimate cause. Attendance is checked from the first class meeting, so late registrants will have some absences accrued when they first meet a class.

In cases of legitimate absence from the class, the student has the opportunity and responsibility to make up all class work missed. If a class absence is necessary because of an activity by another class or university organization, the sponsor of the activity will give the Provost a list of participants in advance, and the students involved will obtain from the Provost an excuse to present to the instructor. In case of absence for any other reason, the student will present his reason directly to the instructor. The instructor should follow the attendance policy in their syllabus otherwise default to the university policy.

Prior to June 1, 2013, Belmont used the designation of WF to represent either a student who academically failed a class at the time of withdraw during the WP / WF window, OR that failed due to excessive absences. In review of a student record there is no way to distinguish the meaning of a WF for academic reasons verses absenteeism. On June 1, 2013, Belmont added the grade of FN (Failure due to non-attendance) to distinguish the activity of the student. 

Belmont still maintains the WF (academic failure at the time of withdraw in the WP/WF time window), but now the FN is available for absenteeism. The catalog description is provided below:

FN indicates that the student failed the course due to excessive absences. When the number of absences for any reason exceeds four times the number of scheduled class meetings per week (25% of class meetings during summer term), the student is involuntarily dropped from the course and a final grade of FN is recorded. Professors may enforce a stricter attendance policy by stating that attendance policy in the course syllabus. FN counts as an F when computing GPA.

Departments and individual professors may enforce stricter policies which differ from the university absenteeism policy found in the university catalog provided that information has been provided to the student in the professor's syllabus in whatever form the syllabus is made available to the student.