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Advent Guide

Eight years ago we began producing an Advent Guide for the Belmont University community. While thousands of students have passed through our doors over these years and as the worldadvent guide has experienced incredible change and challenges, we are always aware of the need for the Coming Christ in the lives of people here and everywhere.

Advent is that season of waiting that carefully and purposefully helps us to realign our priorities and to glimpse, anew, our place before God. For the third year in a row we are making this guide available online so more people and more churches may have access to it and we hope this guide helps prepare each of us for Christmas.

Advent reminds us of the once and future visit of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Christ come to all of us this Christmas! May these devotionals help prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus.
This guide has instructions for daily devotions during this season. You are encouraged to read scripture, the brief devotion, and pray each day as you prepare your heart for Christmas.

I am grateful to the students, staff, and faculty who have contributed to the guide. I offer my gratitude to Dr. Thomas Burns, the Provost of Belmont University, for his support of this project. I also especially thank Debbie Jacobs, Assistant to the Dean for the School of Religion. She has crafted this document out of her love for the students, this fine university, and for Christ. There are no words to thank her adequately for her service and commitment throughout the entire year.

May each day reflecting upon God’s Word and upon the words of these writers lead each of us through Advent and to the coming of Christ!


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Dr. Darrell Gwaltney
Dean, School of Religion