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What to do with a religion degree?

What to do with a religion degree?

Our major courses of study equip students to pursue their interests and to prepare for graduate school, local church ministry, or some other leadership position.

School of Religion majors:

  • Major in Biblical Languages: This major provides students the opportunity to gain proficiency in both Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. With two full years of both languages, the student will be able to engage in translation of the biblical languages and excellence in biblical study.
  • Major in Biblical Studies: This major focuses upon providing skills for biblical interpretation and study. In addition to a foundation of spiritual formation and theology, nearly two thirds of this major is the study of the Scriptures.
  • Major in Religious Studies: This major provides students the opportunity to focus on a more generalized study of religion. Students may choose from a wide variety of courses in biblical studies, theological/historical studies, religion in society, and practical studies classes. This degree allows students to pursue particular interests in the study of religion.
  • Major in Christian Leadership: This major prepares students who plan to serve in some leadership capacity in a church setting or some other Christian organization. The degree focuses on biblical studies and leadership issues and skills in organizations. It is an ideal degree for someone called to serve in ministry.
  • Major in Christian Ethics: This major prepares students to make an impact in a wide variety of fields that call for leadership with integrity and value. The major provides the student with academic and practical experiences in ethics formation and application.
  • Major in Religion and the Arts: This major prepares the student to be an effective interpreter of Christianity in contemporary culture. An interdisciplinary degree that allows the student to combine the study of religion with the study of music, art, or theater, the degree creates opportunities for students to prepare for ministry in a wide variety of fields where faith intersects with culture.
  • Major in Ministry - Evening Program (Offered through Belmont's University College ): This program of study allows adults to refocus their careers in response to a call for Christian service or ministry. It provides a foundational course of study in biblical studies, theology and church history, and practical ministry and leadership.