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Belmont Lingo

Here’s a key to some common lingo at Belmont. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should get you started.

Res Life -   Residence Life Office. Located on the ground floor of  Wright Hall.   This is where you can go for any questions on campus living.

RA - Resident Assistant. This upperclass student lives on your floor or in your building.  They have been well trained to assist you in the areas of peer advising, community development, discipline, administration, and general operation of the residential community.

RD -   Residence Director.  This person is a full-time professional staff member who lives in the complex and oversees daily operations.  They are a valuable resource.  Get to know your RD early on!

AD -   Assistant Director.  This professional staff member either the upperclassmen or freshman complexes, and supervised the RD's.  They, too, can help you with any questions or issues you encounter. 

RCR  - Room Condition Report.  You must sign this form when you check in.   This form shows what was damaged in the room before you got there. Be sure to look over the RCR thoroughly and mark any damage not listed to insure that you will not be charged for at the end of the year or when you move.   Any damage that was not marked on the form will be charged to you.

North Lawn -  Hail, Pembroke, Heron, Potter, and Patton/Bear House Halls

South Village - Wright, Maddox and Kennedy Halls.

Hillview -  Belmont Commons, Bruin Hills, Hillside, Thrailkill Hall, Dickens Hall, Horrell Hall and Russell Hall.

RA Program - These are events that RAs sponsor in your complex.  They can be both social and educational and are great ways to meet new people and learn new things!  Check them out!

TT -   Towering Traditions.  This is our orientation program. They sponsor many great events during the first few days after arriving to campus.

OCOrientation Council.  This group of four students oversees the TT program.  They volunteer one full year to plan all the programs you will experience as a new student at Belmont.

SGA -   Student Government Association. Visit to find out how you can get involved!

"The Caf" -   Harrington Place. Located on the 2nd floor of the R. Milton and Denise Johnson Center. 

MPAC -   Massy Performing Arts Center. This is where many events are held. Some practice rooms are located in the basement.

The MOB -   Motivational Organization of Belmont. This group faithfully cheers on our athletic teams.  They are always looking for members!   Anyone can join.

The Vision -  News central for Belmont. It is paperless so look online!

NCR Form - Notice of Community Responsibility Form.  This is the form you will be given if you are ever documented for a judicial incident.