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Mission & Vision

Vision & Mission 


The Department of Residence Life at Belmont University is committed to fostering a Christian community that encourages students and staff to focus on personal and spiritual growth, as well as individual, communal, and civil responsibility within an educational and purposeful living experience.


Community Responsibility:

  • We promote respect for all people and property, as well as the rights and responsibilities of all individuals within the community.
  • We serve as resources, committed to honest and effective communication with students, parents, alumni, colleagues, and members of the greater community surrounding Belmont.


  • We seek to provide a vibrant community rich with opportunities for both personal and professional growth emphasizing compassion, accountability, and the development of the individual.

Commitment to Quality:

  • We value qualitative interactions, a timely response, and a positive professional attitude in both individual and collaborative work.
  • We seek to advance our work as representatives of the values and mission of Belmont University and the Student Affairs Division through authentic and consistent relationships.

Personal Development:

  • We seek to empower students to make successful personal and professional transitions.
  • We foster a community that promotes an excitement for learning while encouraging respect for one's self and others.
  • We strive to create an environment that will culminate in self-discovery and a strong sense of personal and community identity.


  • We seek to serve students and our peers through respect, compassion, and understanding guided by Belmont University's values, standards and expectations.

Spiritual Education and Integration:

  • We are committed to the development of a vibrant and dynamic Christian community upholding our dedication to the Christian values basic to personal growth and spiritual fulfillment.
  • We commit to foster an environment open to the free exchange of spiritual ideas in the context of Christian education.