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Regardless of where a student chooses to live, be in on or off campus, the Department of Residence Life is committed to helping with every student's residential needs. Below you will see some of the other services we offer, as well as links to some of our preferred service providers.

Printable Resources:

My Res Life Notebook 14-15 (pdf) - An introduction to living on campus at Belmont University (Distributed during Towering Traditions Summer Orientation).

Guide for Living and Learning 14-15 (pdf) - Helpful guide for students about living on campus, services offered by the university, and a complete discription of Belmont University's expectations and policies. 

Handbook for Residential Living 14-15 - information about Residence Life, our policies, and how to navigate living on campus.  

Places to Go in Nashville - a helpful map of popular stores students might need (Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, Walmart, etc.)

Univeristy Bruin Guide 

 North Lawn

Preferred Service Providers

Below are links to the companies that Residence Life partners with.  Check out their websites to see if their services fit your needs.

res life marketplace

Residence Hall Linens Company logo

Storage and Shipping


Student Property Insurance