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At Belmont, we seek to provide the best living/learning opportunity for our residents, including our RAs.  Some of the benefits RAs receive for their commitment include:

  • Full Room Scholarship While Serving as an RA
  • Free Room and Meals During RA Training
  • Building Long-Lasting Friendships
  • Impacting Students’ Lives
  • Leadership Skills
  • Opportunities to Get to Know Your Peers and Staff Better

Desmond Kirkland

Desmond Kirkland - First Year RA, Pembroke

Top Five: Belief, Positivity, Responsibility, Connectedness, Developer

For me, being an RA is an amazing experience and I believe that I have the best job on campus. The majority of my job is to literally hang out with an amazing group of individuals every day. I am honored to have the privilege to put on programs that not only create and foster community in my hall but also on Belmont’s campus as a whole. As an RA in a first-year residence hall, most of the time I am the first example of what college life looks like. It is my responsibility to be a positive influence.

By far, the most rewarding part of my job has to be that I get the opportunity to counsel and be source of information for my residents. I’ve always loved serving people and people trust that I can help them with many of the issues that are common in everyday life. It is very fulfilling to know that I can use my experiences and wisdom to help my residents.