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We asked the Residence Directors here at Belmont for a few tips regarding the selection process and wanted to provide you their thoughts.

Hannah Aschliman

Hannah Aschliman, Residence Director of Hillside Apartments

Top Five: Belief, Input, Individualization, Connectedness, Learner


"Let us know what is important to you. Where you place your priorities means a lot to us."

Joshua Kerley

Joshua Kerley, Residence Director of Maddox Hall

Top Five: Developer, Adaptability, Relator, Responsibility, Connectedness


“Be excited! Let your enthusiasm for your life and for Residence Life show from the moment you walk into the interview!”

Jason Kistler

Jason Kistler, Residence Director of Dickens Hall

Top Five: Positivity, Woo, Includer, Developer, Communication


“This is a competitive process….put in some effort!  Get to know me and know why I should hire you before I ask.”

Sarah Norton

Sarah Norton, Residence Director of Belmont Commons

Top Five: Strategic, Responsibility, Achiever, Maximizer, Relator


“Being an RA is about being committed to your fellow students; be ready to explain why that matters to you.”

Nicole White

Nicole White, Residence Director of Kennedy Hall

Top Five: Includer, Empathy, Positivity, Developer, Adaptability


“Don’t be shy about sharing your best qualities!”