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Residential Communities

The Residence Life Office at Belmont University prides itself on creating many different experiences for the students who live on campus. First year students start out in one of our freshman residence halls and then have the opportunity to move into one of our upperclassman communities by their sophomore or junior year. Many of our students take advantage of our convenient location and amenities for the entirety of their Belmont career.

The Campus Map is a useful resource for locating each residential complex.

Communities at a Glance


Freshman Halls 

Hail (Male and Female)

Heron (Female only)

Kennedy (Male and Female)

Maddox (Male only)

Patton & Bear House (Male and Female)

Pembroke (Male only)

Potter (Male and Female)

Wright (Female only)

Upperclassman Complexes

Bruin Hills (Apartment style)

Belmont Commons (Apartment style)

Dickens (Apartment style hall)

Hillside (Apartment style)

Horrell (Apartment style hall)

Thrailkill (Suite style hall)

Two Oaks (Suite style and apartment style hall)

*All upperclassman facilities house both male and female students


Housing rates for the current academic year can be found on the University Cost Estimator.