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Maddox Hall

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Overview Maddox Hall

Maddox Hall is a suite style residence hall for freshman males.  Maddox is connected to Wright Hall and is part of the South Village community. 


Each suite consists of two rooms connected by a full bath.  Each room has its own sink with cabinets and drawers underneath, and each room is furnished with two twin beds, two desks, and two desk chairs. Each floor has a kitchenette (furnished with a full-size refrigerator, sink, microwave, as well as cabinets and a laundry room (furnished with two washing machines and two dryers). Maddox shares a main lobby with Wright Hall. There is a TV, a pool table, and plenty of chairs to relax in or hang out in while talking with friends.


Maddox has five Resident Assistants (RAs). One RA is assigned to each floor. RAs are available to provide peer guidance, develop community building activities and floor programs, and serve as a resource to students. RAs report to the Residence Director (RD). The RD is a full-time, live-in employee of Belmont University. The RD has a Bachelors degree, and in some cases, a Masters degree. The RD is responsible for the administrative details of the building, including maintenance requests, discipline, supervising the RAs, and serving as a resource for students. The RD Office and apartment are located on the 2nd floor hallway.