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Student working with children

School of Education

Our education programs have been specially developed to guide and support a community of teachers and learners. Contact us or visit us to learn more.


We embrace the Mission of Belmont University that “empowers men and women to transform the world” as educators and leaders of organizations who champion equity, opportunity, and dignity for all.


The School of Education prepares professionals of diverse backgrounds to develop and gain the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to become exemplary educators and leaders who advocate for children, families, and communities.


We believe that exemplary educators and leaders advocate for learning by:

•    Recognizing and honoring the worth and dignity of each individual

•    Knowing that learning is dependent upon the social and emotional
     development of the individual

•    Understanding the impact of generational poverty on children and
     families and the necessity of building community and engagement
     to develop support systems with them

•    Effectively collaborating with educators, scholars, families and community
     members to facilitate learning

•    Designing and employing flexible learning environments and knowing
     how to differentiate to meet different learning and language needs
     of individuals

•    Embracing cultural, ethnic, socio-economic, gender and religious differences
     by stimulating dialogue and providing a safe haven for learning

•    Seeking to invest in the communities in which they work and reside in
     order to use their knowledge and skills toward the flourishing of the

•    Informing, shaping, and reflecting on their practices using research,
     scholarship and measures of progress

•    Recognizing unconscious biases in themselves and in structures, and
     seeking to collaborate with others to provide equity, opportunity and dignity for