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Articles by Dr. Todd Lake

PRISM: Evangelicals for Social Action 

Fundamentalists for Social Justice

Charity or Justice?
A biblical understanding of poverty requires systemic change, not spare change.

The Myth of the Culpable Poor
Looking through the lens of biblical truth, we see that poverty is far more often caused by oppression and injustice than by the failings of the poor themselves.

A Calling for Missions
When mission trips match vocations with needs, those involved find they are truly co-laboring with God.

The Dangers of Evangelical Nostalgia
Yearning for an earlier "Golden Age" of faith, when doubts were fewer and Christians more faithful?  Then it's time to reach for the nearest history book ...

THE HIGH CALLING: Of Our Daily Work 


Success Is Not a Gospel Category >
Tie a knot and hold on. What if you begin to lose your grip on the knot?


Past Performance Is No Guarantee >
All the investment prospectuses say: "Past performance is no guarantee of future results."


Live So Others May Flourish >
Imagine you entered a concert hall where a symphony orchestra sat ready to play, but half of the members had their hands tied behind their backs.


Follow Your Passion, Not Your Career Path >
God knows that if we are passionate and fulfilled in what we do, we will be most creatively engaged in our work as colaborers with Christ. St. Augustine put it like this: "Love, and do whatever you like."


God Works in Your Daily Grind >
When we were kids, we all wanted to make a big difference in the world: cure cancer, fly to the moon, or drive that shiny red truck to put out fires in burning buildings. But as we get older, we realize that what we're now doing is what we'll be doing for a long, long time.


Give Your Best Gifts Now >
Life should not be lived as a strategy. Each day is more than a stepping-stone to some imagined future when we will—finally—be able to use our gifts fully and be recognized for our accomplishments.


Not Stressed Out Enough >
And if we realize that we are God's plan for doing His will in the world, we will seek God's priorities for the high calling of our daily work.


Rx for Small-Mindedness >
That God can get anything done in this world is nothing short of a miracle.


Truth in Christian Advertising >
I hate to admit that it feels ridiculous sometimes to study Jesus for how to live the Christian life. Most of us have heard that "Christian" means "little Christ," and we all know that Jesus said, "Follow Me." But face it: the Son of God had perfect…  


Don’t Give Me an Easy Life >
How does God get things done in the world? When it comes to forming a chosen people, you might think He would start with a well-developed and impressive culture—say the Egyptians or the Hittites—and let them know they were "it." But He doesn't work…


The Genius Trap >
Oscar Wilde, the brilliant British writer, was asked by a customs agent if he had anything to declare upon arrival in New York. He said, "I have nothing to declare but my genius." Joe Namath, the legendary quarterback, often let others know he that…  


The Possibilities of Daily Influence >
Every person has influence: fathers and moms influence their kids; managers influence their employees; church leaders influence their members. The danger is when we mistake influence for power. True, people in authority can often force compliance.…


Feeling Overwhelmed?  Take These Tips from Nehemiah >
A child once drew a picture of a tiny boat on a raging sea and wrote underneath: "Dear Lord, be good to me. The sea is so wide and my boat is so small."


More Than Words Can Say >
When Jesus was eight years old, his parents took him to the Temple and gave two young pigeons as their offering, the sacrifice prescribed for the very poor. Thirty years later, Jesus entered the Temple again and saw retailers and bankers price-gouging…

CHRISTIAN REFLECTION: : A Series in Faith and Ethics 

“Oppression” and “Injustice” as Key Concepts in a Biblical ...

"Sex and the City (of God)" 

Worship Service

Called Out, Not Left Out,"