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Complaints & Grievances

The Dean of Students Office is a central place on campus to address students’ concerns and assist in the resolution of issues. To that end, we have several programs in place to assist students and their families.

Complaints & Grievances
Any student who believes he or she has been treated inappropriately or unfairly by a university employee or process may seek resolution through the Dean of Students office. The Associate Provost and Dean of Students serves as the primary coordinator of response and support to students with concerns or those in crisis. Students may file a formal complaint by e-mailing describing the treatment, action or decision at issue and the remedy sought. Complaints will be investigated or referred to other offices as necessary. Because the university already has identified several mechanisms for dispute resolution (e.g. the Grade Appeal process), students who contact the Dean of Students Office may be redirected to established channels or the dean of an academic college if these have not already been engaged. A written response regarding the issue will be sent to the student who initiated the complaint within 30 days. 

If you aren’t sure where to start with an issue or concern, the Dean of Students Office is a good place to start. Call us at 615-460-6407 or contact us via email at