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Divisional Teams

Leadership Development Team 
Chair: Amy Coles, Director of Student Activities
Created in fall 2010 with the charge of coordinating and directing specific leadership events, the Leadership Development Team includes Week 1 and the Annual Leadership Banquet, and coordinating and directing leadership development efforts for the Division of Student Affairs.  The Leadership Development Team will be an on-going team that will meet on a consistent basis throughout the year.  

The Assessment Team
Chair: Angie Bryant, Director of Fitness & Recreation
The committee ‘s charge is to guide departmental assessment, review population-level tools before they are distributed, help streamline assessment by coordinating  schedules, find ways to encourage offices to publish results, help expand our own and others’ knowledge of assessment, and develop guidelines for outside groups who want to conduct assessments on our campus with students. 

The Strength’s Team
Chair: Anthony Donovan, Director of Residence Life 
This team is charged with ensuring that all new BUSA staff members take and understand their strengths Finder inventory as well as providing basic training to all employees about strengths concepts and uses within their work in BUSA. In addition strength committee will develop and maintain a database of each BUSA member’s strengths and will develop an electronic method for staff to look and understand staff’s strengths to use when considering teams and other group functions. The committee will produce a newsletter twice a semester on strengths highlighting tips and information about how to use strengths in the division’s work, both collectively and individually. Strength committee should also begin to develop several resources regarding the use of strengths with supervision and in student mentoring. Strengths team members may be called on by student staff faculty to present on strengths development.

The e3 Team
Chair: Jamie Zeller, Assistant Director of Fitness and Recreation
This team prepares and coordinate staff development opportunities that support divisional and institutional initiatives, model the division’s commitment to learning and professional preparation, and prepare the division to be Exceptional at Engaging and Educating students.  The team assesses staff needs and identifies targets for staff development en route to developing and coordinating experiences to address them. It prepares and coordinates the Division's annual staff development series (target: Approximately 1 engagement/month; 6-7/school year), but is not limited to these division-wide engagements. The team is encouraged to be creative regarding the content and context of development experiences that prepare exceptional staff members.